(Sansevieria senegambica) (Sansevieria senegambica, 2 of the triplet flower stalks) (Sansevieria senegambica, the 3rd flower stalk) (See those little dots of sap on & at the bases of the flowers?  That stuff is so sticky, the military should consider developing a glue out of it.) I’m a Momma-to-Be of Triplets! New Year’s Day, I walked … Continue reading Triplets

As They Sow…..

As they sow……….. So shall they reap………….. Dang squirrels!  They sowed, yesterday they reaped, now the pretty little sunflower outside my kitchen window is gone & now what I get to look at again is my neighbor’s ugly air conditioning unit.  Or maybe it was the chipmunks who did it.  I guess I shouldn’t cast … Continue reading As They Sow…..