Early Morning Fog

We passed a record for northern Illinois.  The weather folks have been recording the weather hereabouts for the past 133 years.  The last time we saw snow stick to the ground was Christmas Day 2016 (when we got 2 inches).  Nothing for the past 73 days.  Now, if it were July & August, no big … Continue reading Early Morning Fog

Baby, it’s b-b-b-balmy outside….

One day it’s winter, the next it’s…………well……………..54F (12C).  From midnight to around 8am, Ma Nature sobbed & sobbed. Buckets.  One upside, there’s plenty of water in the birdbath now for any ducks wanting a splash.   The neighbor’s reindeer undoubtedly were annoyed with the snow’s Disappearing Act.  Went from about 18in (46cm) to almost zilch, … Continue reading Baby, it’s b-b-b-balmy outside….

Going to the Opera

I’ve never been particularly attracted to the opera.  I love music.  But the only opera that I know of resides in Chicago & it means fancy clothes.  Tuxes for the boys.   Gowns for the girls.  Either cab rides or expensive parking. Expensive jewelry.  Converse sneakers need not apply. When the local paper said that the … Continue reading Going to the Opera