Fancy Fancy

I generally don’t use public bathrooms.  Unless I really have to.  I’m just kind of OCD that way.  But the other day, for the first time, I used the bathroom in the laundromat.  Shock City.  I never imagined that a laundromat would have a fancy bathroom for the ladies.  (I have no idea what the … Continue reading Fancy Fancy


(Sansevieria senegambica) (Sansevieria senegambica, 2 of the triplet flower stalks) (Sansevieria senegambica, the 3rd flower stalk) (See those little dots of sap on & at the bases of the flowers?  That stuff is so sticky, the military should consider developing a glue out of it.) I’m a Momma-to-Be of Triplets! New Year’s Day, I walked … Continue reading Triplets

Giving Up?

(North of Cortland, South of Sycamore) Either: They ran out of red paint; They’re afraid of heights; They decided to start with the bottom because it was easier; The painter conveniently (for them) decided to misplace the ladder; All of the above. “It’s always too soon to quit!” ― Norman Vincent Peale “Rivers know this: … Continue reading Giving Up?