It’s going to be a lazy Sunday.  Rain, bicycles, & rural roads just don’t always work well together.  Too many morons in the county who are fine with hydroplaning at 80mph but aren’t fine with paying auto insurance premiums in case they happen to kill a cyclist.  So it’s a day to skip the Sunday … Continue reading Sunday

Baby, it’s b-b-b-balmy outside….

One day it’s winter, the next it’s…………well……………..54F (12C).  From midnight to around 8am, Ma Nature sobbed & sobbed. Buckets.  One upside, there’s plenty of water in the birdbath now for any ducks wanting a splash.   The neighbor’s reindeer undoubtedly were annoyed with the snow’s Disappearing Act.  Went from about 18in (46cm) to almost zilch, … Continue reading Baby, it’s b-b-b-balmy outside….

Into Each Peke Owner’s Life a Little Rain Must Fall

The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog.  ~~ Ambrose Bierce The upside to today:  It’s raining!  A nice, gentle, constant rain.  Great for the garden.  The garlic chives are lovin’ it. The downside to today:  Every single time The Lady M (aka Champagne Diva aka Chinese Princess aka Munchie) goes outside, … Continue reading Into Each Peke Owner’s Life a Little Rain Must Fall