Snowed In

Being as how the weatherman decided (with a little help from the groundhogs) that, not only would there be six more weeks of winter, but there might be six more feet of snow, we decided to go grocery shopping & stockpile a bit of food. We decided that this should also include a hearty meal … Continue reading Snowed In


Dekalb, Illinois Spring is the time of ultimate renewal, but Winter, depending on whether one is into poetry or into politics, can be either a time of renewal or a time of coverup. Everything is crappy, dirty, trashy, decrepit.  Then it snows, & it’s beautiful, it’s gorgeous.  The snow melts off, things become crappy, dirty, … Continue reading Renewal

Baby, it’s b-b-b-balmy outside….

One day it’s winter, the next it’s…………well……………..54F (12C).  From midnight to around 8am, Ma Nature sobbed & sobbed. Buckets.  One upside, there’s plenty of water in the birdbath now for any ducks wanting a splash.   The neighbor’s reindeer undoubtedly were annoyed with the snow’s Disappearing Act.  Went from about 18in (46cm) to almost zilch, … Continue reading Baby, it’s b-b-b-balmy outside….